Chairman’s Word


It is a great honor for us to reach such position that enables us to provide services for our valued clients. This enhanced more our strength points, transparency and our interaction with global companies in work and social sustainability. And in the recent five years, Al-Wessam Group gained ground in the Egyptian market to be ranked number one, despite the surrounding changes and the challenges we face. The secret of our success is taking care of our employees and customers, providing high quality products, and believing in the importance and necessity of raising the standards we have. We continuously lay good and efficient standards, and come up with solutions for the challenges we face in the business. 

Al-Wessam Group’s work is motivated by the desire to maintain the position we reached to provide unprecedented levels of services, looking forward confidently to the future; with long-term plans and prospects. We will continuously seek to achieve the highest standards that help deliver the best services, and reach the highest level through our strategy and with the help of our staff.