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export incentive refund

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Post- Export Services is what distinguishes Al- Wessam Group from all other companies working in the same field. Such service helps the client to get back its money. Consequently, we give our clients the advice and solutions in relation to the required documents and the nature of procedures, in addition to all of what the service requires from the needed official approvals and fees so as to make sure our clients won’t face any sudden or unprecedented problem that may affect their interests.
The management of the exporting services works excellently as follows:
• Issuing exports subsidies for all industries.
• Refund of the fees of exports.
• Refund of temporal permission guarantees of exports.
• Refund of export sales customs.
• Forming industrial watchdog committees to determine usage rates.
• Attending inspection and review committees of customhouses and sales.
• Designing and documenting all of the documents, instruments, financial and warehousing rounds certified from the real estate as per the review and inspection standards.
• Technical consultancies related to all of refund, payment, and installment of all of the customs and fees related to the importing of the capital production and goods requirements.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]