Customs Clearance

Al Wessam Group has decade-long worldwide expertise that helps you manage the complexity of world trade and regulation obedience. Our operations cover the entire range of logistics and transportation services from Customs Clearance to Delivery. Al Wessam Group has a team of professionals qualified in customs clearance operations, that they can finalize your shipment quickly and accurately in accordance with all local regulations. We have experience in consulting solutions Work in all ports A.R.E   (Alexandria - Port Said –Damietta –Dekhaila –Sokhna - …………).

If you seek importing or exporting with no hassle! AL Wessam Group can provide you with an array of business services that help your shipment reach its desired destination.
We realize that most companies don't have time, resources, or expertise to find a way out of the complex labyrinth of customs clearance. So Al Wessam Group helps you get through this complex maze with customs consultation services.  

That our customs clearance is working efficiently on:

  • Customs export shipments and Finish all procedures of the display.
  • Customs import shipments and Finish all procedures of the display.
  • Customs free zone shipments, exemptions shipments and petroleum sector shipments.
  • Customs to all shipments with special specifications and Finish all procedures of the display.
  • Technical advice related to all clearance works.