We help you succeed in your business with our logistic consultation in planning and guidelines that help remove obstacles and facilitate proceedings, and providing feasibility studies for all shipping, transportation and customs clearance operations in accordance with the latest international professional standards.

Through a clear and meaningful vision to your entire business in the future controlled by specialization, advancement, and innovation for activity, until you have reached the highest level in your business and investment, with the help of a team of professional and specialized logistics and services.

Our consultation is the safe way out of the labyrinth of world trade rules and procedures. 
We are doing our work through:

Team work:
Professional in the field of providing logistical and commercial consulting services (import, export, shipping, customer and after export services).


Secured and earned through the provision of all the recovery services for fees of goods and services and inventory cycles installment payment and taxes on services.


A strategy that includes all your company`s departments (financial, procedural and marketing, etc.....) aimed at the stability and prosperity of your investments.

Business development:
Based on the principle of specialization as a basis for development and innovation to serve each individual activity and give a clear vision for the client about the future of his business.

An integrated team to provide marketing consulting business to serve your work and service and increase confidence in the products and sales growth.

Definitely positive for all transaction procedures and committees in accordance with the agreement and laws and effective in solving all the problems related to various services.

Integrated for all sectors (industrial- Petroliferous- pharmaceutical- foods-…………).

Our consulting service is the safe way out of the maze of international trade rules and procedures.


"Al Wessam Group, your way to welfare of investment"