Operation Management


Al Wessam Group over nearly thirty years shipped all kinds of cargo to all parts of the world where that Al Wessam Group has an efficient and professional operation management to the extent that they can provide the best service to its clients compared to what can be provided by operations departments in any company operating in the same sector, our operations staff and team have received the best training in the market to provide the best service, And that is why we have become the optimal choice for the most prestigious companies in the world. 

Our operation is working efficiently on:

  • Booking all kinds of containers, Booking shipments (Door to Door – LCL), Booking shipments with special specifications and Booking packages with special specifications. 
  • Follow-up export shipments until it reaches to the client and Follow-up import shipments until delivered to your stores. 
  • Land, Sea and Air transport.
  • Working on accomplish tasks in a short time and commitment with delivery times and reduce overall costs in the best and highest service we can provide to the client.
  • Technical advice related to the shipping.
  • Authorize all the shipping documents in accordance with the agreement with the client, or in accordance with international agreements, or in accordance with the adoption of the documents, or in accordance with the special agreements and documented it from all sides stipulated in the agreement.