Drawback Services


Al wessam group offers the highest level of efficient and professional drawback services to its clients and that's what distinguishes it from other companies in the same filed, drawback department has experience that make it able to help and assist our clients to get most of their money back. We advise and provide the solutions to him about the required documents and what are the procedures? In addition to the required approval and the duty charges (for the post export services), so our clients would not have face any problem or unexpected matter which might touch their profits.

  That our  post export services department is working efficiently on: 

  • Manage export subsidy for all industries.
  • Retrieve duty drawback.
  • Retrieve temporary admission guarantees.
  • Retrieve sales taxes.
  • Form monitoring industrial committees to determine usage frequency.
  • Attend examination and audit committee meetings for customs and sales.
  • Design and certify all financial and warehouse documents and paperwork that are certified by the Real Estate Office in accordance with examination and audit standards.
  • Provide technical consultation on retrieving, paying for, and payment in installment for all duties and fees of importing production accessories and capital commodities.